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Comprehensive Clinical Assessments

In an effort to ensure families are able to receive services in a timely manner, we offer walk in availability for referrals and comprehensive clinical assessments Monday-Thursday from 9am-3pm and Fridays 9am-12pm in our Raleigh Outpatient Clinic. No appointment necessary. Families will be provided with treatment recommendations after meeting with a Licensed Professional. Before leaving the office, families will also be provided a follow-up appointment and will have the opportunity to develop a Person Centered Plan with a Qualified Mental Health Professional. Appointments for assessments are also scheduled in our Smithfield office.

Outpatient Clinic (Raleigh)
3000 Highwoods Blvd., Suite 310
Raleigh, NC 27604
Outpatient Clinic (Smithfield)
1329 N. Brightleaf Blvd., Building D
Smithfield, NC 27577