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Attendance and Commitment to Treatment

  • Hope Services provides a comprehensive array of service to ensure the best outcomes for the patients and families we serve.
  • Hope Services strives to provide patients and families with services and appointment times that meet the family’s needs.
  • Regular attendance in recommended services and consistent communication are essential to successful treatment outcomes.
    • This includes in person and telehealth appointments.
  • For in-office therapy services, we ask that parents/guardians remain in the office while their child is in their appointment.
    • Communicate with the therapist if alternative arrangements need to be made.
    • For virtual therapy services, we ask that parents/guardians are accessible via phone during the timeframe of their child’s therapy session.
  • Hope Services, LLC requires that if an appointment need to be cancelled, the patient/family cancels at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.
    • Appointments can be cancelled via telephone or email.
  • Failure to maintain scheduled appointments in one service may result in being discharged from ALL services.
  • We understand that there may be times in which patients/families may need to suspend treatment for a period. If this situation occurs, it must be discussed with your treatment provider before suspending services so that an appropriate plan will be developed.
    • For Outpatient Therapy and Medication Management, if you don’t give prior notification, we might complete an administrative discharge when a patient or family stops participating for a period of 30 days.
    • For enhanced services (IIH, Day Treatment, PHP, IOP) this might happen when a patient or family stops participating for a period of 10 business days.