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Declaration of Patient Rights

While in treatment, I (the patient) have the right to:

  • Be free from harm, abuse, neglect, and exploitation
    • This means I will be treated fairly and feel safe and cared about.
  • Refuse treatment at any time (although I am consenting to treatment at this time) while understanding my refusal will not be used as sole grounds for termination of services
    • This means I can stop treatment if the decision is made by my legal guardian, but we agree to participate right now.
  • Explanation of the benefits, potential risks, and possible alternative methods of treatment
    • This means I will be told what good things and bad things can happen because of my treatment.
  • Confidentiality
    • This means information about me cannot be shared unless:
      • My parent or guardian gives permission
      • It’s ordered by a judge
      • I’m a danger to myself or someone else
      • My treatment team is afraid I may break the law
  • Be involved in developing my treatment plan
    • This means I will be involved in things (PCP goals) I want to work on based on my needs and strengths,
  • Receive appropriate treatment/habilitation
    • This means I will get the services I need to make progress.
  • Be free from unnecessary or excessive medication
    • This means I will only be given medication that my doctor prescribes.
  • Receive necessary treatment for and prevention of physical ailments
    • This means if I am hurt or sick, I will see a doctor or receive first aid by a trained provider.
  • Be free from unwarranted search and seizure
    • This means I can bring personal items that staff will not take away unless:
      • They are illegal
      • They are in violation of Hope Services policies
      • They could hurt me or someone else
  • Participate in programming
    • This means I will be included in age appropriate, supervised activities every day of treatment
  • File a grievance
    • This means I can complain to the agency if I am not being treated fairly
  • Be given and interpreter free of personal charge
    • This means I do not have to pay if for an interpreter.