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Expectations for Patients

  • Be actively involved in the development and review of your Treatment Plan or PCP.
  • Identify family members and other individuals that you would like to be included in your treatment.
  • Express your cultural needs and desires or advance directives to Hope Services, LLC staff.
  • Make your designated staff aware of any court orders and or required court appearances and be present at the court hearing.
  • Keep all scheduled service appointments and call at least 24 hours ahead of time to reschedule if you must cancel (see the Attendance and Commitment to Treatment section below for the attendance policy).
  • Give updated and complete information about current and past issues including medications and other matters pertaining to your health.
  • Ask questions about your service plan, transition plan, outcomes, and recommendations
  • Treat Hope Services, LLC staff with dignity and respect.
  • Follow safety rules, including using a seatbelt while being transported by Hope Services, LLC staff.
  • Help prevent the spread of illnesses by informing us when you or anyone in your household are ill and not attending services when you or anyone in your household are sick or running a fever.
    • You should inform us when you are fever free without support of medications for 24 hours.
  • Come to sessions/appointments ready to actively engage in the treatment process.
  • Refrain from bringing alcohol, drugs, guns or weapons to any Hope Services, LLC office/site or session.
  • Refrain from unauthorized use or possession of licit or elicit substances.
  • Ensure any dangerous or potentially dangerous animals are in a safe secure location while staff are in your home.
  • Refrain from physical and verbal harassment including foul or sexual language.
  • Notify Program Director immediately if there are any changes in your insurance or funding.