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Psychiatric Services

  • Psychiatric Services are provided by Board Certified Child/Adolescent, Adult Psychiatrist, and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners.
  • Initial appointments are scheduled for one hour and require a parent or legal guardian to be present.
  • Follow-up appointments are usually between 20-30 minutes.
  • Prescribers reserve the right to monitor prescription use through the NC controlled substance reporting system for all patients being seen for psychiatric services.
    • When reports are run they are made a permanent part of your clinical record.
  • Concerns with drug interactions and prescribing may be discussed with all medical prescribers regardless of written consent.
  • For patients receiving Psychiatric Services we ask the following:
    • Attend telehealth appointments in a safe, secure location.
      • If you must be outside of your home during your appointment time, ensure you are able to have confidential conversations.
      • Under no circumstances will providers conduct appointments while patients/parents are driving a vehicle or in a public location such as a grocery store.
    • Do not stop taking medications or change medication dosing without discussing it with the prescriber.
      • There is risk of potential physical or mental negative effects if patients do not take medications as prescribed.
    • Notify your prescriber of all medications/supplements you are taking.
      • This is necessary to reduce the risk of drug interactions.
    • Submit refill requests in the Patient Portal.
      • Refill requests will only be granted if a follow-up appointment is scheduled, which can also be completed via the Patient Portal.
      • When contacting the clinic to request a refill, be prepared to provide patient name, DOB, pharmacy name/location, and what medications/dose medications need to be refilled.
      • Allow 48 business hours to process refill requests.
        • If 48 (business) hour’s notice is not provided, the prescription may not be available in time.
      • Pick up certain prescriptions in person when necessary.
        • Some prescriptions require a written prescription and cannot be called in. These prescriptions will have to be picked up in person.
      • For follow-up appointments, if the parent or guardian of a minor patient is not present at the appointment, then the parent or guardian must be available by phone to discuss treatment recommendations.
      • Report any changes in custody or any parental objections in order to be prescribed medications.
      • If you do not have contact with the clinic in 60 days, it will be assumed that services have been identified with another provider and you will be discharged from the care of the staff psychiatrist, NP or PA.
      • If you arrive over 15 minutes late for an appointment, be aware that it may need to be rescheduled.
    • We currently accept the following insurance:
      • All Medicaid standard and tailored plans
      • BCBS
      • Cigna
      • United Behavioral Health
      • Aetna
    • If you do not see your insurance listed or you are uninsured please contact our intake department.


  • If you have any questions or concerns for the providers, please contact the clinic manager during the hours of 8AM – 5PM on Monday through Thursday and 8AM-12PM on Friday at 919-714-7369.
  • Outside of those hours, contact the agency after hours line at 919-417-2929 or wait until normal business hours.
  • For all medical emergencies, contact 911.


  • As a comprehensive service provider, Hope Services provides a comprehensive array of services to ensure the best outcomes for the patients and families we serve.
  • Hope Services strives to provide patients/families with services and appointment times that meet their family’s needs.
  • Regular attendance in recommended services and consistent communication are essential to successful treatment outcomes.
  • Hope Services, LLC requires that notification of all appointments that need to be cancelled should be done 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.
    • Appointments can be cancelled via telephone, email or via the patient portal.
  • Failure to maintain scheduled appointments in one service may result in being discharged from ALL services.