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  • The safety of our patients, families, communities, and staff are very important. We ask that our patients/families make our staff aware of any dangerous or potentially dangers situations in my home or neighborhood.
  • We also ask that any weapons be unloaded and locked up during home visits.
  • We ask that no one participating in sessions or in the presence of the session be under the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol.
  • Our staff are mandated by law to report any abusive or neglectful behaviors to local authorities.
  • We are also mandated to warn others if they are considered to be at risk for any serious harm.
  • Staff cannot be left alone with children/adolescents in the home setting for more than 15 minutes.
    • If a situation arises where an adult cannot be present for a session, staff will transport the patient into the community setting for the duration of the session.
      • If this is not planned ahead of time, staff will make every attempt to contact the legal guardian via phone.
      • If the legal guardian cannot be successfully contacted (via phone or voicemail) a note will be left in the house detailing the community location and the time of return.