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Tailored Care Management

  • Tailored Care Management provides a single care manager who listens to your needs and coordinates care with all your providers.
  • Your care manager helps with unmet needs such as housing, food, transportation, personal safety, employment, etc.
  • Your Care Manager will:
    • Work to understand where you are now and walk with you to where you’d like to be.
    • Complete a Tailored Care Management Assessment to determine your unique needs.
    • Work directly with you to form a wholistic plan that will address your unique needs.
    • Assist you with accessing and navigating the resources you deserve such as transportation, food, housing, and physical and behavioral health resources.
    • Bring together the people that care for you such as your therapist, your doctors, your family, and the community services that will help and empower you to live a productive and successful life.


  • Communication can be done by phone, email, patient portal and in person.

Location and Frequency

  • In person meetings can occur in your home/community, at already scheduled appointments with providers, and in any of our offices.
  • Frequency is determined by your needs and preferences.

Who Is Eligible?

  • You must be enrolled or eligible for enrollment in a Medicaid Tailored Plan
  • Tailored Care Management is not available if you have a Medicaid Standard Plan or are receiving Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), Tailored Care Management for At Risk Children (CMARC), or High Fidelity Wrap Around (HFW)
  • Tailored Care Management does not replace any of your current services.
    • It is an additional service available to help navigate your physical and behavioral health needs.